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Elocution and Accent Improvement Courses - Sydney

About me: My name is Joe Klein and I am a qualified and experienced speech trainer with a teaching diploma from Trinity College London. I am passionate about all aspects of speech, voice and verbal and non verbal communication. In the past 15 years I have coached over a thousand private and corporate clients in accent modification, business communication and public speaking and debating.

Services offered: As well as accent reduction, many of my clients have indicated that they find it challenging to communicate effectively in both the work environment and socially. The following topics can be incorporated into your course:

- Communication skills in the workplace.
- Assertiveness training.
- Public speaking and presentation skills.
- Voice projection and correct breathing techniques when speaking.
- Confidence through better vocal modulation and control.
- Building rapport by verbal and non-verbal communication.
- Impromptu speaking.

The above topics can be incorporated into your accent improvement lessons in any combination you wish.

Course duration:
In most cases, all topics can be covered in 4 one hour sessions. It is best to spread the lessons over 4 weeks (ie one lesson per week).

Who could benefit: About half my clients are from English speaking backgrounds, while for the other half English is a second language

Fees: My hourly rate for 2012/2013 is $100. Payment can be made either in advance or at the time of each private lesson. A tax invoice will be issued in case you wish to claim the cost of the tuition fees in your tax return. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or credit card.

My clients: About half my clients are from an English speaking background with Australian, English, Scottish, Irish, South African and North American dialects. Those with non English backgrounds come from China (Cantonese and Mandarin speakers), Russia, France and all parts of Europe, Africa and South America.

Outcomes: By the end of your course, you will:
- Be able to pronounce all vowels and consonants correctly.
- Have an understanding of which syllable(s) to stress.
- Be more confident in your social and business communication.
- Have better voice projection and tonal quality.
- Be able to use vocal modulation to convey what you mean and feel.

Your progress and results will depend on three things:
1) At what age you first started speaking English (If you started at age 15 or later, we can still substantially
   improve your accent, but you are unlikely to ever sound like a native speaker.
2) How much time you allocate to practicing the skills I teach you.
3) How well you can imitate sounds and speech patterns.

Hourly Rate: $100

If you would like further information, or would like to make an appointment in Sydney:
Phone: (02) 9389 8440     Mobile: 0410 693 749
Email: joe@accentimprovement.com.au

Location: 3/125 MacPherson Street Bronte

Updated: 04 October, 2012 15:18

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